Data-driven climate cleanup: Tracking carbon leaks from above

05/10/2021 12.00 - 12.30

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Human activities and natural processes emit carbon into the atmosphere—not just CO2, but other greenhouse gasses, including methane, which has 85 times the impact of CO2 on global warming over 20 years. Spotting these leaks quickly not only slows climate change, it also eliminates huge amounts of waste. In 2019, Kairos Aerospace’s 30-person team had the equivalent climate impact of removing 1.6 million cars from the road. In this talk, Kairos’ Chief Science Officer, Dr. Elena Berman, reveals how the company is using aircraft, advanced sensing, and data pipelines to collect, analyze, and prevent leaks while building a scalable, sustainable business.

Dr. Elena Berman
Chief Science OfficerKairos Aerospace