What's your damage? The marketing debt you didn't know you had

05/10/2021 13.30 - 13.55

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You’re past the exploration and uncertainty of an early startup. All your metrics point to hockey-stick growth of customers, staff, and revenues. Budgets are bigger and you’re ready to move. But how firm is the marketing foundation on which you’re built? Are you ready to cross the huge chasm between “”establishing a brand”” and “”an established brand?

In this talk, startup veteran Carla Borsoi shows how the things you’ve done (or neglected) in your earliest days directly impact this period of rapid expansion. She’ll offer ways to think about marketing levers and the debts you’ve accrued, and how to decide which marketing debts you’re going to pay down—and which you’ll learn to tolerate.

Carla Borsoi
VP of Marketing & Customer Experiencehumm