Rhonda Textor

VP of Data Science
True Fit Corporation

Rhonda Textor is the head of data science at True Fit, a platform dedicated to helping shoppers find clothes and shoes they love and keep. Rhonda is passionate about modeling fit and style elements of both shoppers and garments in order to recommend products to shoppers that they love and that fit and flatter.

Previously, Rhonda applied machine learning and data science to problems in remote sensing such as land cover classification of satellite images and problems in national security, such as detecting threats in imagery.


Reverse Panel (Startups)

06/10/2021 13.40 - 14.20

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Our second reverse panel puts seasoned startup executives on stage to answer questions from analytics and data professionals. How do they choose what to build? What prioritizes features, and how do they balance open systems with proprietary technologies? And what can corporate leaders learn from them about building their own products for their businesses?