The Scaletech Conference is an annual, invite-only event for scale-stage entrepreneurs and investors held in Toronto, Canada. Run as an intimate, candid gathering under Chatham House Rule, it’s a chance for senior executives to tackle the unique challenges fast-growing companies face.


The product track, aimed at CTOs and VPs of Product, focuses on the technology and processes needed to bring reliable, trusted products to market, balancing emerging technologies with stability and customer-driven expansion. We dive into the challenges of hardware-centric tech and how to plan for AI, quantum computing, and automation.

The customer track, curated for CMOs, customer support executives, and heads of sales, focuses on customer development, revenue, and market expansion. We explore the psychology of adoption, understanding demand, and the customer lifecycle at scale.

The company track is tailored for COOs and the internal operations that keep things running—human resources, M&A, law and IP, governance and compliance, treasury management, and the other often-neglected but vital aspects of running a large, venture-backed organization.


Lara Cumberland

VP, M&A Integration

David Boyle

Audience Strategies

Margaret Francis

SVP Product & GM
Heroku (Salesforce)

Lauren Kunze


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The Scaletech conference is primarily by invitation, but we have reserved a limited number of seats for outstanding scale-stage founders poised to put new knowledge to work in their emerging businesses.
Want to participate? Join the waitlist for 2020 and we will be in touch. Approval is subject to steering committee criteria.
Proceedings are confidential and subject to Chatham House Rule


Scaletech is an invite-only event, tailored to senior executives from companies generating more than $500K a month in revenue and growing rapidly. If you attended last year, you’re qualified to buy a ticket for 2020. 

If not, you can apply for an invite.


Our partners play a key role in supporting the conference and our community.