Alistair Croll

Entrepreneur, Author, Visiting Executive | Harvard Business School

Christopher Amen-Kroeger

VP of Engineering, Ads Products | Twitter

Dr. David S. Ricketts

Harvard Innovation Fellow | The Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard

Friederike Schüür

Head of Data Science and Machine Learning | Fast Forward Labs / Cloudera

Inmar Givoni

Autonomy Engineering Manager | Uber Advanced Technology Group

Jana Eggers

CEO | Nara Logics

Jen Van Der Meer

Founder & Assistant Professor | Reason Street & Parsons

Katheryn Hume

VP Product & Strategy |

Paul Mockapetris

Inventor of the Internet Domain Name System (DNS) |

Peter Skomoroch

CEO and Co-Founder | SkipFlag (Acquired by Workday)

Sean Silcoff

Internationally Acclaimed Author |

Shanti Atkins

Entrepreneur and Operator | NAVEX Global

Steve Leightell

Partner | Georgian Partners

Dr. Supriya Syal

Founder | Dulcimer Labs

Susan Etlinger

Industry Analyst | Altimeter Group

Theresa Johnson

Product Manager, Financial Intelligence | Airbnb

Chanda Carr

Head of the BMO Innovation Fund Enterprise Initiatives, Infrastructure and Innovation | BMO

Devon Dayton

Managing Director & Head, Technology & Innovation Banking | BMO

Chris McDowell

Business Development Lead | Xanadu Quantum Technologies

Mark Girvan

Chief Commercial Officer | FreshBooks

Emily Walsh (Moderator)

Principal | Georgian Partners

Lara Cumberland

VP, M&A Integration | Facebook

David Boyle

Director | Audience Strategies

Margaret Francis

SVP Product & GM | Heroku (Salesforce)

Lauren Kunze

CEO | Pandorabots

Jeremy Edberg

CEO & Founder | MinOps

Farrah Bostic

Founder, Head of Research & Strategy | The Difference Engine

Sarah Nahm

CEO & Founder | Lever

Quentin Hardy

Head of Editorial | Google Cloud

Chris Shipley

Chris Shipley


Jos Boumans

(former) VP of Technical Operations | Salesforce

Jacob Sisk

CEO | Credit Suisse Labs

Russ Jones

CFO | Shopify Inc.

Emily Ross

MC Emily Ross

Founder | Inkvine Consulting