Carla Borsoi

VP of Marketing & Customer Experience

Carla Borsoi has a passion for organizations taking “out there” science to the masses in health & wellness technology products. Right now she brings that to life as the VP of Marketing & Customer Experience for humm, a neurotech startup building a wearable patch to improve your working memory. In her spare time, she has a ladies cocktail club, hosts science/scifi salons, loves on her dog, and practices her love language of sharing interesting articles via text.


What's your damage? The marketing debt you didn't know you had

05/10/2021 13.30 - 13.55

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You’re past the exploration and uncertainty of an early startup. All your metrics point to hockey-stick growth of customers, staff, and revenues. Budgets are bigger and you’re ready to move. But how firm is the marketing foundation on which you’re built? Are you ready to cross the huge chasm between “”establishing a brand”” and “”an established...