Dr. Franziska Kirschner

R&D Lead

Dr. Franziska Kirschner leads the AI research and product development for Car Inspection at Tractable. She takes state of the art deep learning and applies it to a range of use cases in the automotive industry – from selling your car in an instant, to helping drivers get back on the road faster after an accident. In a previous life, she completed a PhD in Physics. In her spare time, Franziska likes to cook, eat, and make terrible puns.


Reverse Panel (Startups)

06/10/2021 13.40 - 14.20

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Our second reverse panel puts seasoned startup executives on stage to answer questions from analytics and data professionals. How do they choose what to build? What prioritizes features, and how do they balance open systems with proprietary technologies? And what can corporate leaders learn from them about building their own products for their businesses?