Dr. Jerrold Jackson

VP/Head of Machine Learning & Data

Dr. Jerrold Jackson is the VP & Head of Machine Learning & Data at EXOS, a leader in the human performance industry. Jerrold built and leads a team of data engineers, machine learning engineers, data scientists, and analytics engineers to support the launch of a few new digital products at EXOS. Dr. Jackson is a hands-on data executive, practitioner, product owner, and consultant, experienced in creating value by aligning data strategy with business goals, managing and directing data teams and projects, and delivering consistently against product development timelines and expectations. Prior industries include: human performance and wellness, fitness technology, advertising intelligence, financial services, healthcare, pricing technology, and market research.


Value creation when scaling AI in product

05/10/2021 13.55 - 14.20

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Many organizations aspire to implement and scale AI into their product, but very few are poised to see either short-term value or long-term value from AI. In this talk I’ll give real life examples of when and how to scale AI in your organization, along with tangible ways to evaluate success.