Gagan Biyani

Co-Founder & CEO

Gagan Biyani is Co-Founder and CEO at Maven, a platform for cohort-based courses (CBCs). Backed by a16z and First Round, Maven is empowering creators to monetize their expertise by teaching their audience via live and asynchronous video. Previously, Gagan co-founded Udemy, a platform for video-based courses or MOOCs. With over 500 million course enrollments, Udemy was the first major MOOC platform online and is the largest video courses library on the Internet. He was also Co-Founder and CEO of Sprig, a food delivery company that raised $60M and eventually shut down. He writes about his experiences as a founder at and


Stories from the trenches

05/10/2021 10.10 - 10.35

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In conversation with BMO’s Devon Dayton, Gagan will share candid learnings from building 3 companies with 3 very different outcomes.