Ramli John

Author, "Product-Led Onboarding"
Managing Director, ProductLed

Ramli John is the Managing Director at ProductLed, where he works with companies such as Mixpanel, Microsoft, Ubisoft, and more to accelerate their growth. An educator at heart, he has helped train hundreds of the world’s fastest-growing product-led companies to level up their user onboarding experience to turn more users into lifelong customers. Ramli John is the bestselling author of Product-Led Onboarding.


The Rise of Product-Led Growth

06/10/2021 11.40 - 12.00

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Product-led growth (PLG) is becoming an increasingly popular growth strategy for many companies worldwide. Companies, such as Hubspot, Zoom, Calendly, and Slack are often used as best-case examples of a PLG go-to-market (GTM) strategy and since the events of the global pandemic, it is becoming increasingly more popular for companies seeking ways to help users taking control of their desired software...